LYFECHNG is a company that is dedicated to revolutionizing mental health and wellness through innovative and natural approaches.  We are dedicated to promoting transformative healing experiences through the power of mind enhancing treatments for mental health conditions and disorders. LYFECHNG is committed to advancing the field of cognitive behavioral therapeutics focused on the relationship among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with cutting-edge therapies and research, as well as producing high-quality mind enhancement products. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions for mental and physical wellness, and want help others live their best life-

Seta Lyfe is the manufacturing arm of LYFECHNG.  Seta Lyfe is passionate about harnessing the power of functional mushrooms to support optimal health and wellness.  Our state-of-the-art facility is both organic and NSF certified, ensuring that our products are produced with the highest standards of quality, purity, and safety.  We specialize in formulating and producing a range of functional mushroom products including gummies, chocolates, drinks, powders, and capsules.  Our team of experts has years of experience in developing effective and delicious products that are designed to support a range of health benefits, from immune support to mental clarity and beyond. Seta Lyfe believes in the power of nature to promote healing and well-being, which is why we source only the highest quality ingredients for our products.  We use cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our products are consistently of the highest quality.  Seta Lyfe is dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for optimal health and wellness, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

All products will be manufactured and licensed under FDA, NSF, GMP, NON-GMO, USDA ORGANIC standards.

Seta Life™ is a southern California functional and magic/psychedelic mushroom manufacturing company. Seta Life™ offers clients a full range of products such as the following: gummies, tablets, capsules, liquid capsules, chocolate bars, hard candy, powders, creams, gels,
lotions, and drinks.

All products will be manufactured and licensed under FDA, NSF, GMP, NON-GMO, USDA ORGANIC standards.

SOLANA™ is the word for sunshine and the brand wants to bring sunshine to every consumer’s life. SOLANA™ prides itself as vegan functional mushrooms gummies, with two flavors of orange sunshine and lemon love gummies. SOLANA™ is a .2g off functional mushroom per piece gummy making it a microdose of sunshine. The slogan for the brand is “take a bite out of sunshine” giving the consumer a feeling of happiness with every bite.


LYFECHNG is dedicated to advancing the field of mind enhancement products through groundbreaking research.  Our team of expert researchers and scientists are at the forefront of exploring the therapeutic potential of these powerful substances for a range of mental health conditions.

LYFECHNG is committed to promoting optimal health and wellness through cutting-edge therapies and holistic remedies.  Our therapy centers offer an effective approach to healing.  Our team of educated therapists is highly skilled in a variety of mind enhancing therapies and modalities, including integration therapy, somatic therapy, and mindfulness practices.  We believe that healing must take place on all levels, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual, which is why we offer a range of holistic modalities to support each client’s journey.

Coming Soon to AZ, CA, OR, WA, CO, TX, NY, FL, and Australia.

SPACE JUNKIEZ™ is a Los Angeles based functional psychedelics brand. The brand is crated to give the consumer the felling of going to space upon consumption. Space Junkiez is a brand for the psychedelic culture offers a feeling of euphoria to its customers. The brand will also create apparel such as t-shirts, trucker hats, women’s clothing, swim wear, shoes, stickers and memorabilia. The brand will use various depictions of space, astronauts, planets, stars, and celebs for is marketing.

DIRTBAGS™ is a contractor of agricultural products that exist in the growing of mushrooms and herbs. The mission of Dirtbags is to take mushrooms and herbs to the next level by making mushroom cultivation accessible to everyone. The facility is located in Tijuana Mexico to give our customer base better pricing on the products they need. For tax purposes, all Mexican importers such as dirtbags is registered and listed with the Official Register of Importers (Padrón de Importadores), maintained by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público or SHCP), which also maintains special sector registries. To be eligible to import more than 400 different items (including agricultural products, textiles, chemicals, electronics, and auto parts), Mexican importers must apply to the SHCP to be listed in these sector registries. U.S. exporters have occasionally encountered problems when products are added to the list without notice or importers are summarily dropped from the registry without prior notice or subsequent explanation. It is important to keep in mind that, in many cases, releasing goods from Mexican customs can exceed the process compared to other countries.

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